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Monsanto and other corporations control your T.V.

   May 24th 2014 will live in my memory for a long time. Not only because it was my birthday, but because it was my first protest rally! The March against Monsanto was a fulfilling event and a great example of people standing up for their freedom and health. The only down side to the event was the fact that there was no media present. Hundreds of people gather together in the same place to make a public statement and it’s not even worth one reporter? How can this be? Well I decided to start digging into why this was the case. Here is what I’ve discovered so far.

2014 Light over Dark

   In 2013 we saw many advances against rational thinking, natural health and deeds of questionable morality. We were told we could keep our health insurance plan and our doctor. We saw the “main stream” media continually race baiting and going after people who publicly uphold our constitution. Our president has issued more executive orders than any other president in history, bypassing the checks and balances instilled by our forefathers. With all these advances by evil people there is a great awakening happening among...

Multi-vitamins the Latest Main Stream Lie

    Recently you may have noticed a new wave of articles coming out from the scientific community and main stream media pertaining to multi-vitamins. According to an article published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine the diet of a well-nourished adult doesn’t call for vitamin and mineral supplementation. Furthermore, adding supplements may do more harm than good. Part of the reasoning behind the supplements doing more harm than good comes from the results of 26 studies reviewed by...

Sugar Free Life = Death

   Back in the early 90′s a new food additive came into our lives. It was called NutraSweet. The media had a field day selling us on sweet with no calories, and people ate it up….literally! Our house was no exception. My mom like many other women loved the idea and it made its way into our lives. Long about 1993 I became aware of a study done on aspartame aka NutraSweet. Turns out lab mice who were given this compound were developing cancer! Once I knew this I...

Alcohol a Double Edged Sword

   Recently I asked a nurse friend of mine a simple health question. I asked, “What is the most common and preventable problem that shows up where you work?” After some thinking the answer they gave was alcohol related illness/emergencies. With the amount of people my friend see and hours worked, I knew this subject was worth some research. Alcohol is without a doubt a double edged sword! There are some positive effects of having a drink such as;

Is Chiropractic a Crock?

    Being in the bodywork industry I get asked quite often if I would recommend chiropractic work. I myself have been under chiropractic care since 2005 and have seen the benifits first hand. So my answer is always YES! Let me go back in time to 2005 and explain. I used to work for a furniture company arranging and delivering six days a week. I was younger, in pretty good shape and never had much back pain. Over time I began noticing a pain in my upper back that would come and go. I figured whatever it was would work itself out as usual and life...

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