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About our company

We believe in natural health

Qi To Spare began as a realization that most Americans are not aware of how or why preventative natural health measures work to increase quality of life and over all health. There is a real awakening that is beginning in this country. People are becoming aware of why artificial food additives, GMO’s, fluoride, and other pollutants are dangerous. We know natural methods work in order to combat exposure to these toxins and aid the body in building a stronger immune system. Qi To Spare is here to share that knowledge with you, provide you with access to verified natural healers, and promote their business.

The Problem is trust

There are literally thousands of different natural healing methods out there and thousands of practitioners within each method. The biggest hurdle in accepting natural healing as an effective treatment is trust. Qi To Spare has solved this problem with our vetting process and educational articles. Every verified (look for the check-mark by their name) practitioner has been researched personally by us. We look at business licence status, social media behavior, multiple review sites, and more so people can search with trust. The reaction based medical system is now starting to slip in the market. With this exciting shift Qi To Spare is providing a space for vetted practitioners to list and grow their practice.  Qi To Spare is your trusted place to build your practice, find natural healing and try before you buy.

The beginning: Brian’s story

My first experience with natural healing took place back in the early 2000’s. I was the typical college student, having fun, eating fast food and not focused on health at all. By the end of my first year I was 200 lbs. and feeling bad most of the time. I was getting chest pains, nausea and had no energy. After an EKG, X-Rays, and heartburn medication nothing was making a difference. Finally I tried diet change and chiropractic. After one month I had lost 20 lbs. and my energy was coming back. Now I am 150 lbs and have not taken a sick day in over 4 years. The point is….natural healing flat out works!


Our goals


I want you to be healthy. I want you to be happy. I want you to help build this movement, and kick the corrupt medical/insurance system to the curb! Join our site as a Health Seeker or promote your business to further this change in our society. Once we have a flourishing site, filled with people getting well and practitioners we will launch a video education experience, local events and more. Your support is vital to get us to the next level! I look forward to working with you to make this world a better place for our future generations.

Brian Elam founder of Qi To Spare LLC