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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I set up an account?

Go to the top of any page and click create account. You’ll be prompted to provide your email address and create a password. Next hit register and you’ll be sent a follow up email providing you a secure log-in page to change/confirm your password. Once that is done return to, go to my account and log in. Now you have an active account and are ready to securely enter your shipping/billing address as well as safely store your preferred payment methods. Congratulations you are now ready to purchase a listing for your natural healing business or a Health Seeker Premium site membership! Thank you for supporting the natural healthcare industry and Qi To Spare! Together we are going to make a real positive difference!

Why do you charge a sign up fee?

We charge a sign up fee for one reason only….TRUST. Part of what makes our community special is our multi-step process of vetting each business who submits a listing. These steps take time and require effort, but quickly establishes your credibility and authority to potential new clients.

How do I create a business listing?

First you must set up an account, which is detailed above. Once that is done, click on create listing located on the top of any page. Here you’ll be prompted to enter the title of your listing (we highly suggest using your business name). Next simply fill in all fields to provide potential clients accurate information about your business. Once you have everything entered click the preview button to see how your listing will look. If it needs a little more tweaking click edit listing and make your changes. Preview it again and once you’re happy click select package.

Pick the listing level that best suits your needs and budget. (all listings come with a 30 day free trial, so why not try the Empire level?) 
Once you’ve selected the right one it will be added to your cart, but a checkout button will be available to you as well. Click checkout and you’ll be taken to a secure page to verify your saved payment information, re-enter your card’s CCV code and purchase the listing.

Once we receive notification of your new listing we will begin the review process and activate the listing ASAP! (If for some reason we reject the listing you will get an email detailing why the listing was declined.) 

After your listing is approved it will be live for the world to see. Site members can find you through our search tool, review your service, purchase your deals and products as well easily share your listing!

Thank you for your dedication to natural healing and listing with Qi To Spare!

How can I manage my subscription?

After creating an account and purchasing a listing or Premium membership you will see another link in the menu bar called my dashboard. From there you can manage your subscription, view recent purchases, or make changes to listing levels. You may also cancel subscriptions from the dashboard (though we really hope that doesn’t happen)

How do I set up deals/products to sell?

The products and deals portion of the site is an exciting way to offer deals to incoming and existing clients as well as sell products to people from all over the world, if you so choose.

First you will need to be added as a vendor to our site. This is something we must do on our end so you will need to send us a message after your listing is live requesting to become a vendor. We highly recommend doing this as everyone likes to look for deals and we offer much more commission to you than other deal sites. 

After entering your business as a vendor, we will add the user registered with your listing as an administrator on the vendor account. Once we activate the user he/she will be able to add products, edit them and make information changes to the vendor profile. This is sensitive information and we recommend only the account holder be given access. Once your deals and products begin selling you will be earning commission on those sales.  At the end of every month we will process your commissions and send them out via paypal or a mailed check. Please include the email address associated with your paypal account in your request to become a vendor. If you don’t have a paypal, getting one is easy and secure at If paypal is just not for you we are happy to send a check in the mail along with your commission report, just let us know this is what you prefer. Below is a walk-through of how to publish your first product or service as a partner in health!

Once you create your first deal be sure people are aware of how to prove to you they actually bought your service or product. We suggest posting in the item description how you would like customers to show proof. Maybe requiring them to bring in the printed receipt we email out. Or simply show the email on their smart phone. Either way you’ll be able to see the date of purchase, what the service or product is and can honor the deal.

Ready to add your first deal?! Go to type in your user name and password and have fun!


More questions? Reach out via our contact page. or give us a call at 623-500-2427

We are happy to help in any way we can and look forward to working with you!