Terms and conditions

I’ve never been a fan of legal talk and open ended policies. That being said, here are the terms under which we operate and how we will interact with you our customer/visitor. Our terms are simple, straightforward and honest because that’s how I would like to be treated. I hope you feel the same.

Brian Elam, founder of Qi To Spare LLC


Your subscription to www.qitospare.com is billed on a monthly basis per your sign up date and subscription level. You may at any time upgrade or downgrade your package, which will take affect immediately after confirmation. You also may cancel your subscription at any time. Access to all of the features of your most recent package will remain in effect until your billing cycle is complete, at which point your service will end and auto billing will stop.



Goods and services provided by our Partners in Health are all considered products. Only members who have an active account will be able to access these discounted products. Qi To Spare is only in control of the products listed by us. Products listed by our partners in health are solely their responsibility to maintain and enforce any restrictions. Please do not contact Qi To Spare about product or service disputes unless they are horrifically misrepresented, in which case we will sort the matter out with the provider in question.



Your package billing and any product purchases will be made through Qi To Spare’s website and processed securely by Authorize.net. We accept all major credit/debit cards for your convenience. Our personal information pages are secured by SSL, and Authorize.net to maintain your privacy and transaction security.



We pride ourselves on maintaining site security for our members, visitors, and our site. Qi To Spare’s website is spam scanned daily, and secured by SSL. Your data is never and will never be sold, and will always be a top priority to be made safe from internet evil doers.



If you have any further questions, need help or just want to drop us a line, head over to our contact page. We are happy to hear from you and help in any way we can!