The Lineage of Sifu Brian and Sil Lum Kung Fu

Sil Lum Kung Fu was born out of necessity like many things in our lives. It came into the Americas during the Korean War era. Sil Lum (which is Cantonese for Shao Lin) was taught to select solders for the necessity of fighting for survival. All of the aspects of Kung Fu not crucial to survival were removed from the training, and we were given a no nonsense version of the ancient fighting art. Make no mistake even though some training was removed this is still an art that takes years to master and I would say is even more effective in self defense.

I began my training at 13 years old and have been hooked ever since. My instructor is Sifu John Ward, who was trained by our grand master Rick Ward (no relation) of Blue Ridge Kung Fu/Arnis Academy. Over the next 12 years I dedicated myself to the art and earned my black sash. I have also been trained in 3 levels of Modern Arnis and hold the rank of green. I will be offering a training module in the future of my Arnis knowledge as well as other disciplines.

After earning my black sash I began work right away on my second degree black sash. A year later I moved to Arizona and was not able to finish my ranking. Before leaving, my Sifu authorized me to teach any student I choose up to the level of black. I have taken on private students in the past but now have larger aspirations! I am so excited that modern technology has given me the opportunity to teach hundreds of people at the same time! I look forward to sharing this art with you and seeing you grow and prosper in new and exciting ways!

So what are we still doing here?! Lets Get Started!!

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