Welcome to your new journey into the realm of Kung Fu!

White the seed is planted

As a white sash your mind should be like the color of your sash, pure, clean, a blank slate ready for training. I urge you to leave any pre-conceived notions about Kung Fu behind and truly let your mind, body and spirit meld with the training.

Course Requirements;

  • Notebook – Keeping track of your training and writing down details so you remember the moves, intentions and applications is very important. Want a head start? Get a copy of my notes for White Sash so you can really focus on your training right away!
  • Oak Bo Staff – Your first staff in Sil Lum Kung Fu should be heavy. The weight teaches you control and helps condition you for future training, which is why we use a dense wood like oak. Your staff should also be as close to your height as possible, not too short or taller than you. A few inches shorter is ok. For example a person who’s six foot two inches tall is fine with a six foot tall staff. Also the staff should be straight (not tapered) at both ends. You can find these at your local martial arts supply store or online through places like Karate Mart

This is not a requirement but I do recommend purchasing a kung fu uniform. They are designed to give plenty of room for your legs and torso during training and help with your mindset. It is my intention to eventually put on classes in person and live stream portions of them. For this I would like my students to look their best. In our system the buttons/frogs on the front are important, so for white through green sash your frogs are black. Check out Tiger Strike for your uniform. Also I recommend getting a white sash and appropriate training shoes if you don’t like training barefoot. The shoes I like have a closed toe, are very light and have a single shoelace at the top made by Adidas. I recommend the black/white combo because at blue belt your gi top changes from black frogs to white! This way your shoes will be in style for a long time!

I am honored to be your guide through this world I love so much. It is my strong hope that you will find enjoyment and fulfillment in our training together! Stay safe and work hard…see you inside!

Sifu Brian

Course Curriculum

White Sash Basics: Stances Details 00:08:00
The stances you will be using during your White Sash Training.
White Sash Basics: How to Punch Details 00:08:00
Learn the 2 types of punches for White Sash
Class Warm Up Details 00:10:00
To be done at the beginning of every training session.
Plum Blossom A & B Details 00:25:00
Empty Hand Striking Techniques
Plumb Blossom A & B Quiz Unlimited
Deflections Details 00:00:00
Used through all your Kung Fu training from here on
Deflections Quiz Unlimited
Front Snap Details 00:00:00
Speed Kick #1
White Sash Chin na Details 00:00:00
Side and Roundhouse Kick Details 00:00:00
Speed Kicks Quiz Unlimited
Cloud Hand Form Hard Set Details 00:10:00
Your First Full Form in White Sash Training, Enjoy!
Crane Form Details 00:00:00
Your First Animal Form! Have fun
First Staff Form Basics Details 00:00:00
Movements and drills to prepare you for staff form one.
First Staff Form Details 00:00:00
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  • 12 Months
  • 1000 SEATS
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