Terms and conditions

I’ve never been a fan of legal talk and open ended policies. That being said, here are the terms under which I operate Qi To Spare and how I will interact with you my student/visitor. The terms are simple, straightforward and honest because that’s how I would like to be treated. I hope you feel the same.

Brian Elam, founder of Qi To Spare LLC


There are two levels of subscription:

Qi To Spare Student (Monthly) – A charge to your preferred card of $20 every 30 days until you withdraw from the site or have finished your Sil Lum Kung Fu training.

Qi To Spare Student (Yearly) – A charge to your preferred card of $199 every year until you withdraw from the site or have finished your Sil Lum Kung Fu training.

You are free however to explore the site and take advantage of our “Free Lessons” section to gain knowledge and hopefully peak your interest to enroll as a student, taking your training to the next level!



All courses AKA training is either developed directly by me Sifu Brian or has been given my approval to be offered on Qi To Spare. Your decision to enroll in any course is your decision alone and you may discontinue or ad courses to your profile at any time for the listed price.


Safety and Personal Injury

Although I have taken every precaution to relay my training to you in a correct manor there is still a chance of injury to yourself, others or property. It is my STRONG warning that you take this training and my direction seriously. You are about to undertake training in an art which although enjoyable and beautiful was designed hundreds of years ago to disable and kill people. Treat yourself and any training partners with respect. Go slow and learn the techniques correctly before trying them at fighting speed. Also any weapons training is best done outdoors away from objects and people. If performing weapons training inside be sure you have plenty of room for your reach with the weapon on all sides of you, above and below. By continuing to use qitospare.com you agree that Qi To Spare LLC and I (Sifu Brian Elam) are by no means responsible for your safety, the safety of bystanders, training partners or any private/public property.



I pride myself on maintaining a clean and above bar experience here. All opt ins are accompanied by a Re-Capcha box to ensure no bots and a purposeful subscription to our site. As a student you will be added to a notification list which you can edit through your profile settings. Also each communication from me will have the option to unsubscribe if you so choose. I will be sending out important information via email from time to time so I hope that as a student you keep on the list. However should you choose to unsubscribe rest assured I will never spam!



I have paid for and put in place SSL security for all your transactions and sensitive data. Also all of your payment info is not stored on the server, so even if the site gets hacked your financial data isn’t impacted.



If you have any further questions, need help or just want to drop me a line, head over to the Support page. I am always glad to hear from you and help in any way I can!

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